Tips for Caregivers: Finding Activities to Do with Seniors

Most of you might be asking “what can I do with my client?” As a Caregiver, you may find that you’re doing the same daily activities over and over with your clients you both may be getting bored. Keeping a schedule is very important for those you care for, but they can also become boring, making you and the person you’re caring for less excited about your time together. Many clients lose the ability to do activities that they once loved, but Caregivers have a unique opportunity to be creative and help seniors enjoy those forgotten activities.  

Below are tips for planning new activities:

1. Ask Questions

Before choosing anything, first get to know your client and start asking questions about what “They” like to do.  You may have to take a little time, and dig deep to see if there is an activity they used to do that you could alter in a way where they could do it again.

2. Be Creative

If there’s an activity your client wants to do again but can no longer do, think about other ways they could participate. Search online or think outside the box.

2.  Don’t give up!

I know it may be hard to come up with some things but don’t give up!  Keep trying different things with them until you find something they like. Even if it’s watching a movie together and conversing through out about the movie/TV show, ask them about their past and what they liked to do. Be interested in them and getting to know them. 

4. Keep the Client’s Abilities In Mind

There could be mental and physical limitations that may cause agitation for your client when attempting certain activities. Be mindful of these limits and focus on things that they can do comfortably.There are many activities that are appropriate for seniors. It may take some thinking and planning on your part as the caregiver, but keeping your client happy is your main goal.

Activities to Do with Seniors

  • Word games
  • Puzzles
  • Going for walks
  • Baking
  • Gardening
  • Crafts (painting, drawing)
  • Attending sporting events
  • Social activities
  • Reading the newspaper, a book or even the Bible
  • Shopping, who doesn’t love to shop or window shop
  • Listening to music; singing and dancing with them
  • Have them help fold some laundry with you
  • Taking them to their friends/family to visit
  • Looking through photo albums and talking about the pictures

As a Caregiver, you have the unique opportunity to spend a large amount of time with those you care for. Don’t give up and leave them alone to watch Tv alone or sit by themselves. They love company and don’t want to be left alone.  Try to be entertaining and productive, you’ll start building a deeper relationship with the person you’re caring for and both of you will be happier as a result.

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