A few months ago, we rolled out our newest Client experience enhancer: data-enabled Tablets with interactive applications. We have had a huge response of positive feedback! Naturally, it makes us reflect on why we decided to add this to our Client care regimen in the first place.

We are committed to the Client experience. The self-explanatory reason why our name contains “At Home” is because we care about giving our Clients what they need as they age, while they are at home! Not everyone has to relocate to receive services. On top of being passionate about keeping you at home, we also believe that the 5 Senses are the key to healthy aging. Especially with cognitive issues as we age, engaging the 5 Senses has been proven to improve quality of life.

Many applications were surveyed by our Team to determine the best combination of applications to assist with daily living while engaging the 5 Senses. We landed on some staple apps, such as communication and music apps, along with the following applications designed to brighten and enhance the lives of our Clients:

  • Magic Tiles:

Play along with popular songs by tapping tiles that light up as you go. Engage your eyes, ears, and reflexes! Think guitar hero.

  • Fruit Ninja:

Test your reflexes by ninja-slicing fruit as it pops up on the screen! A colorful and engaging game.

  • Pill Reminder:

Do you struggle with keeping up with your medications? Add them all to this app and set reminders for yourself.

  • WordBrain:

Exercise your brain with creative word games that gradually become more challenging. Think crossword puzzles!

  • Finish the Lyrics:

Test your memory skills with this musical app that has you finish lyrics to popular songs!

  • Seeing Assistant:

This app supports blind and visually impaired people in everyday life.

  • Sacred Music:

Enjoy classic hymns and music with this digital hymnal.

  • iNaturalist:

This app helps you identify plants and animals around you!

  • Wooden Sensory Figures:

An easy-to-use game where different shapes can be pressed and associate with different sounds.

  • Nature Sounds:

Enjoy the sounds of nature in the background of your life! Engage your sense of sound.

  • Oldies Music:

Reminisce with old music from the 60s-00s and enjoy your favorite hits.

  • Star Stable Horses:

Take care of your very own virtual horse!

  • Daily Motivational Quotes:

Start your day with a motivating quote to remind you of the good things in life!

  • Monopoly Bingo:

Enjoy an engaging game of Monopoly-themed bingo!

Our Clients are currently enjoying this variety of applications. They have the option of having a Tablet in their home during care, and most have taken us up on it! They have certainly not been disappointed.

Would you or your family member benefit from our Client-centered services? Call us today!

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