Caring for others is a part of all of our lives. Whether you are a mom, a grandfather, a school counselor, or a financial advisor, you probably care for other people frequently, in some way. Something we learn as we mature is taking care of ourselves along with others, so that we can continue to give healthy support to the people around us.

If you are a full-time Caregiver for an agency, or for a family member, it is especially important that you find methods to care for yourself, and prevent burnout. As you know, you would be no help to your patient if you were not a healthy individual.

Maintaining your own health is actually crucial to maintaining the health of another.

Everyone is different, but there are certainly some general principles that we can all follow when it comes to “self-care” for preventing burnout. But before we go over some resources for maintaining your mental and physical health, we’ll cover how the signs of burnout sometimes present themselves:

  • Sluggishness – if you’ve been feeling that you have less energy lately, and don’t enjoy the activities you once loved, this can be a sign of burnout. Maybe you have visited the doctor and all of your bloodwork came back fine, but you still feel tired! This could be due to burnout.

  • Easily irritated – if you’re finding yourself easily angered or irritated by things that have not always bothered you, and you find yourself with a smaller attention span for your loved ones, you might be near the end of your “patience rope.”

  • Lost joy in your work – remember why you first became a Caregiver. What aspects of the job brought you joy? How can you see the fruits of your labor? If you ask yourself these questions and you still do not feel a renewed sense of joy and purpose in your work, you might be nearing burnout.

Now that you’re feeling and seeing these symptoms, what can you do about it? There are several routes you can take to get back on-track with your physical and mental health:

  • Simple relaxation:

    • Take a few deep breaths

    • Listen to music that relaxes you

    • Make a cup of herbal tea

    • Stretch out your limbs

    • Rent a funny movie

    • Go for a walk around the block

    • Take a bath

    • Start a journal

  • Find a restful activity, schedule it into your life, and don’t miss the appointment! The above activities can be great places to start trying to find what really allows you to rest, and once you discover your favorites, schedule them into your calendar.

  • Talk about your feelings. If you have a trusted friend who you can vent to, talk out your frustrations with them. If your friends aren’t supportive in this time of your life, find a therapist to hash out your thoughts with.

  • Get some rest. Sometimes, the difference between burnout and thriving can be as simple as getting a good 7 hours of sleep at night, or taking an afternoon nap. Be sure to have grace with yourself and allow margin in your schedule to get enough rest. Caring for another can be taxing!

Whatever it may be that you decide to implement to prevent burnout in your life, you won’t regret the measures that you take. Preventing a burnout experience will be well worth your while. Start choosing activities and making space for rest now, and you will reap the benefits later when you might have been more overwhelmed!

Here at At Home Quality Care, we value our Caregivers and we encourage them to find ways to rest well. We know that they are our agency’s biggest support, and they need to maintain a healthy balance of work and rest. If you think our agency would be a good fit for you, as a Caregiver, visit our Jobs page today and apply!


Happy resting!

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