You could be the best person to be caring for your loved one.

When you think of home care, what comes to mind?

Usually. we think of another person who comes to your elderly loved one’s home and cares for them daily, or hourly. But what if the person didn’t have to be a stranger?  Did you know that you can be the person who cares for your loved one? You are probably already assisting with some tasks. And in addition to continuing on in your current tasks, you can be trained alongside our professional Caregivers. In the end you can gain the skills you need to continue providing excellent care to your family member!

If you are currently caring for your aging loved one, and wish to continue assisting them in this stage of life, we believe that you are the best person for the job. But did you know that you might be eligible to receive compensation for this service?

Not only do you take your loved one to appointments, care for their needs at home, administer medication, and provide companionship, but also you probably have had to take time off work. You might have even altogether quit your job.

Fortunately, you can now take time off work and still maintain a stable income while caring for your aging family member.

We know that proximity is usually the driving factor behind Family Caregiving. Maybe your siblings live across the country, and now you have to quit your day-job to take care of Mom. On average, Family Caregivers spend 40 hours, or the equivalent to a full-time job, a week caring for their loved one. In the end, all of this responsibility landed on you, and you might not have been ready for it! Maybe it’s been a lonely road so far, but you can have a professional Home Care Agency help you from now on. Caring for a loved one affects every part of your life, including:

  • Stress levels

Understandably, two in five Family Caregivers report that the process has been emotionally taxing. Because transitioning from the role of being a support in your parents life to actually caring for their physical needs can be difficult, let us connect you to resources to provide you with respite, and stress-managing habits that are effective in any Caregiver’s life.

  • Self-care habits

The more time spent on Caregiving, the easier it is to burn out. 22% of Family Caregivers report that their health has declined since taking on caring for their Loved One. Don’t care for your loved one alone! Join a network of specialized home care professionals that understand what you’re going through and let us connect you with resources that help you take care of yourself while you take care of your family member.

  • Professional Trajectory

Unfortunately, caring for your Loved One might have put your career on-hold. But did you know that you can be professionally trained as a Caregiver? On average, Family Caregivers are able to keep their loved ones at home for 2 years longer when they receive formal training. Fortunately, we excel in equipping Family Caregivers and we can help equip you as you navigate this road. In addition to training, we provide you with professionals who are available to assist you on-the-job 24/7.

  • Finances

Most Family Caregivers are spending their own resources on their family member. Also, half of Family Caregivers report that they have begun to use savings or taken on debt to cover Caregiving expenses. This doesn’t need to continue! You can provide care and receive compensation for your time away from work. In the end, you can ease the financial burden on your family at this time.

We aren’t your typical Home Care Agency. Having adapted over time to fit our Clients’ needs, we have incorporated interactive Tablets and Electronic Visit Verification software to ensure State compliance. Also, we incorporate incentives and user-friendly software to you as you navigate being a Caregiver! And we know that out of the 40 million adults in America caring for a loved one, around 1 in 4 caregivers are Millennials. This could change the way the industry looks in the coming years.

Find out how you can join our team as a family caregiver today! Call us at  (570) 587-4700!

And read more about the process of becoming a Family Caregiver in Pennsylvania here.




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