The Holidays can be a joyous, but often stressful time of year. Family travels in to spend time together, exchange gifts, and enjoy traditional meals. Shopping becomes a festive (although sometimes hectic) activity. Snow might be softly covering the mountains near your home. Maybe the small children in your life are filled with wonder and expectation for the festivities to come. However, in the midst of celebrating being together, you might notice changes in the ones you love. A visit with family members might end in warm feelings, or it might end in strife and concern.

As you travel to and from parties and gatherings, you might notice that the people you know have changed. High school friends aren’t the same buddies you once knew, your children might have entered a new stage of life, and your parents are probably undergoing changes in their health as well. It’s important to take the time you have with your loved ones to assess their well-being, and put a plan in place if things seem to be going downhill.


Take the time you have with your aging loved ones and assess their habits compared to their usual, normal demeanor. There are several clues that might indicate that your loved one needs some extra help around their home:

  • Are their dishes scattered all over the kitchen?

  • Does their appearance seem more disheveled than usual?

  • Has their weight fluctuated?

  • Does their mood swing more often than usual?

  • Are they having trouble getting around their home?

  • Are the expiration dates of the items in the fridge long past?

  • Has their house become less orderly?

These are certainly signs that your loved one is in need of home care to continue living their best life. There are many other indicators of a change in mental or physical health for your loved one, so be sure to consult a doctor if you notice any changes.

A general assessment of your loved one’s state (and the state of their home) can greatly increase the possibility of saving them from future harm and stress. At the holidays, you have a unique position and ability as a family member to assess their state in a non-threatening environment. The best gift you could offer them this holiday season is assurance that they will be able to remain in their home and not be relocated to a nursing home.

You have the power to help your loved one keep their independence and continue living at home!

After the family gatherings quiet down, if you believe that your loved one could benefit from home care, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule a time to meet!

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