We asked some of our hourly caregivers and office staff what they were thankful for this year. Here is what they said:

Laura N is thankful for: my wonderful fiancee, Michael, my Mom, dog, all my family and friends, to have a job while going to college for nursing and a warm house to spend the holidays. I am thankful for so much.

Trina R is thankful for: My children, job, to have a roof over her head and just life.

Larhonda S is thankful for:  life, health, my son and my job.

Christina G is thankful for: A loving family, the ability to enjoy holidays, comfortable living.

Sue P is thankful for: My precious, beautiful and healthy granddaughter, Charlotte, and my  amazing co-workers.

Dora R is thankful for: My family, my job, and that everyday I  can wake up to go to work.

Beth H is thankful for: My family and home.

Jennifer Marie is thankful for: My family, and good co-workers and clients.

Phyllis C is thankful for: Many things and my kids

Suzanne S  is thankful for: Amazing kids, family and friends.

Farrah Y is thankful for: My health, family, friends, job and fiancee.

Kelly Dis thankful for: My children!

Karenis thankful for: Family, job, friends and good energy.

Addie G is thankful for: Mhealth

Ashley D is thankful for: All the sweet, caring nice people she works for and work with. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sue K is thankful for: My family, friends and most of all my health.

Sherell is thankful for: The opportunity to be able to help my client get through her day.

Janice S is thankful for: Her family, friends, co-workers, her home and health.

Meg is thankful for: All the nice people in the office, It’s such a pleasure to come here each week.

Kim R is thankful for: My family who is always there for me.

Dana H is thankful for: There is so much to be thankful for, first off my relationship with God, my wonderful and amazing kids, my boyfriend Derek, my family who is ALWAYS there for me, my health, all my friends, my home, my dogs, my Pastor, and church family, my amazing Boss/Owner, my co-workers, all our clients and caregivers.


What are you thankful for?

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