Our Agency highly values both our Hourly Caregivers and Live-In Caregivers, just as we do our Clients.  We respect and understand the sacrifices you make to be a Caregiver.We take that extra step to make sure that you are taken care of and comfortable in the home you’re placed.  You are part of the AHQC family.  We have 5 Core Values that all of our Employees share:

  • Trust: Trusting that the Employer/Employee has my Client/Company’s best interest in mind at all times.
  • Communication: Being a good communicator to your Clients and our Company, as well as being a good listener.
  • Initiative: Seeing what needs to be done in the home, and doing it.  Thinking outside the box.
  • Positive Attitude: Attitude + Action = Accomplishment.  A positive attitude also helps to facilitate a friendly, enjoyable work environment. A smile and a positive attitude can go a long way. Your impact truly makes a difference.
  • Excellence: Are we perfect people?  No, but we can strive for excellence.  That’s what we encourage in our company culture.

We offer some great things for our Caregivers;

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Competitive wages
  • Free Training with lunch provided
  • Annual Merit raises
  • Supplies (gloves) as needed
  • Envelopes and paperwork needed for your case
  • Competitive hourly rate
  • Employee incentives (gas cards, employee of the month recognition, etc.)

Our Caregivers work closely with our Scheduling Coordinators: Evelyn and Josie.Evelyn’s is a wonderful example of presenting excellent work and a friendly personality in coordinating with all of our Caregivers and being the main point of contact for AHQC’s scheduling needs.Josie’s friendly personality and willingness to help out makes her a helpful contact at our Home Office. She works tirelessly to coordinate our Caregiver and Client schedules well.You are not just part of a company when you choose us, but you are part of the At-Home Quality Care “Family.” We train our caregivers so they can provide the best care possible for each of our clients, and we know how valuable our Caregivers really are.

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