The 5 Senses for Seniors through Apps

Apps these days. There’s one for everything! Did you know that there are several apps that are great for Seniors? From checking the weather to playing memory games, we have compiled a list of great apps for Seniors. These apps are geared towards helping Seniors engage their 5 Senses and continue to build cognitive strength.

  1. MindMate

Allows Seniors to play memory and mind strengthening games, has an option to set pill-reminders, save recipes, and view daily health tips.

  1. Nature Melody 

Play an array of soothing nature sounds to help fall asleep, or just enjoy the sounds of nature.

  1. Luminosity: Daily Brain Games

Starts with a test to determine user’s baseline, and then provides applicable games to play that enhance memory skills and sharpen the mind.

  1. Old Time Radio 24

Enjoy old time radio stations from the 20’s to the 70’s. Find your Senior’s favorite stations and reminisce!

  1. My Talking Tom

Does your Senior have a pet? Do they want one without all the responsibility? Have your own virtual pet- care for a kitten as it grows up! Feed, pet, and take care of this cute little Tom Cat.

  1. Web MD

Can be used to develop and maintain a healthy diet plan.

  1. Epicurious

Peruse, find and save your favorite recipes!

  1. NPR One

A way to listen to local and breaking news.

  1. Speechnotes

A speech-to-text notepad that continues listening with long pauses. Does your Senior want to write a memoir or make a list? Let them create these longer items with talk-to-text.

  1. Facebook

Everyone’s favorite app. Enjoy catching up on family member’s lives, stay connected to local events, and update the world on your own life!

  1. Pandora

Find your favorite genres and create stations that you can easily enjoy.

  1. The Weather Channel

An easy way to prepare for the day ahead and satisfy that question: “What’s the weather like today?”

  1. Skype

Stay connected to friends and family who are far away by video-calling.


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